Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Riding My Bike

In the holidays my dad and I went bike riding around the Panmure Basin and to the Skate Park.  First we biked around the Panmure Basin.  I saw a lot of trees and some people.  Some people were pushing their babies around, some people were running and other people were bike riding.  There were two boats heading out to sea.  They were both small boats.  Riding around the Panmure Basin felt windy and it was fun.

Next we went to the Skate Park.  At the Skate Park I biked up and down. I went down one ramp really fast.  My dad lay down and listened to his music on his speaker.  I saw a man on his jet ski.  Later we went home and I told Nana and Granddad about my fun day.

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