Friday, 31 August 2018


Kauri Dieback!

It comes to our attention that the infectious disease that is killing the native giants of New Zealand the Kauri trees. These trees are suffering from a disease that perhaps could limit the growth of the future Kauri, this disease has been gravely affected the contamination of footwear that can pass on theminscule spores of the disease. The department of Conservation has attended an awareness campaign by using a range of media to inform a promote awareness that not  only does for the people of NZ but for the hundreds of tourists that visit our beautiful land.

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Water Cycle!

Cybersmart-Personal and Private!

Blog Entry Week 5!

This is term three and I have four months before it goes to the new year. I'm year six, my name is        Te Raiana and in sixteen weeks I will step into the shoes of those students known as year seven. I am ready to take on the responsibility and the hard work of the year seven student.
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Wednesday, 8 August 2018