Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Friday, 25 October 2019


Being apart of a joyful, cheerful family means to be loyal, helpful & being kind to
those who are apart of your life. Being joyful in your family will bring joy to those around
you who want to enjoy their time on this world.

Honor in family is very important to keep the family together and make sure they can
trust one another. Example would be when one family member makes a decision you
should let them go through with it because that would be honoring their decisions and not controlling

Honesty in a family is very important to have so that your family members know
when you are telling the truth. For example, if you lie all the time and something
\ breaks and you say it wasn't you and that's the truth they won't trust what you say.
They will think you are still lying. So the moral of that story is, make sure to try to tell
the truth all of the time.

Having personal space in a family is very necessary. To me personal space is important
because others in your family may think it is OK to walk into your room without knocking
or go through your stuff while you are not there.  This also falls under trust and honesty.
For example if you have a brother or a sister and they have a friend over, if their door
is closed please do not go in without knocking or just don't go in. So just give others in
your family's personal space.

-My family is loyal, kind and truthful and that's all I ask for...

Monday, 14 October 2019