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Being apart of a joyful, cheerful family means to be loyal, helpful & being kind to
those who are apart of your life. Being joyful in your family will bring joy to those around
you who want to enjoy their time on this world.

Honor in family is very important to keep the family together and make sure they can
trust one another. Example would be when one family member makes a decision you
should let them go through with it because that would be honoring their decisions and not controlling

Honesty in a family is very important to have so that your family members know
when you are telling the truth. For example, if you lie all the time and something
\ breaks and you say it wasn't you and that's the truth they won't trust what you say.
They will think you are still lying. So the moral of that story is, make sure to try to tell
the truth all of the time.

Having personal space in a family is very necessary. To me personal space is important
because others in your family may think it is OK to walk into your room without knocking
or go through your stuff while you are not there.  This also falls under trust and honesty.
For example if you have a brother or a sister and they have a friend over, if their door
is closed please do not go in without knocking or just don't go in. So just give others in
your family's personal space.

-My family is loyal, kind and truthful and that's all I ask for...

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Treasure book by Te Raiana

 The day it happened, how I almost died as a child, I might never forget that fatal day. It was dark and gloomy day. As war was fought around the country. It was just a matter of time before our village was next. I was a child laying in my bed. I didn't know when the bombs were dropped but all I knew was that my father was distressed and worried. He got me up told me to pack what I can and get ready for a long walk. My dad called into his study he handed me a book and said keep it safe. I did what he said, once I was done we went outside to find that village had been almost non-existence. We saw that our library was gone, buildings were falling and shattered into pieces. My father was talking to others that had made it. I overheard one of them say that my mum was nowhere to be found. My dad broke down into tears. A few hours later we ended up leaving the village with other survivors. We walked and when it was cold we huddled together to keep warm and slept in ditches and holes. Me and my father slept in an old moldy shed. My dad was coughing, I was worried about him. I asked him if he was fine, he said that he's very sick and doesn't have much time left. I hug my father and held his hand until I feel asleep. The next day I discover that my dad had died in his sleep. I was dead inside, distraught, upset, my feelings were leaving my body and all that it left behind was sadness. We prepared a burial for my father and some of the villagers said some moving things. I remember one which was he is with our holy savior in heaven now. The box that my father had given I was holding onto. The other villagers said to leave it but instead I left my suitcase. The other villagers and I carry on. We arrive at another village. My arms aching from carrying the box. I find an old linden tree. I dig a hole and I bury the box under the tree so it would be safe. We stay there for a few nights then we carry on with our journey. I couple years, I'm 30 years old and I always think about my dad and the treasure I buried. I think about the treasure every minute of every day. I thought that I should go back to get the treasure. I traveled back to the old village where I buried the treasure. When I arrived at the village it looked brand new and amazing. I went to the old linden tree and there was a small cottage surrounding it. There was a little girl playing around the tree. I told the girl that there was buried treasure under the tree. She helped me dig up the treasure. I showed what the treasure was and she said "oh it's just a dumb book". I said that this book is a book of our people and it is rarer than rubies, more splendid than silver and greater than gold. I showed her some pages from the book. After a while I had to make my way home. I said goodbye and gave her some lollies. She said bye and thanks. When I said I have to go home, I mean I was going home aka my place of birth. I traveled the lands passing old memories and I passed a very important memory. That important memory was my father's grave. I sat next to the grave and paid my respects. I read my father some pages from the book, told him some events that happened while I was gone. After all of that I had to say my goodbyes. Told him that I love him then continued with our journey. I arrived back at my place of birth and a saw new buildings with color, a new library. I was amazed how it looked. I had an idea in the back of my head. I took the book to the library and I placed it on a bookshelf. As I walked away I noticed a little boy grabbed the book from the shelf and it puts a smile on my face. After all that I traveled home and became a history teacher and told my students where I came from and what happened. I taught there for generations and students loved to hear the story of my beginning. I hope to stay a teacher until the day I die.

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My dairy from treasure book

Father is sick
It's damp in the moldy shed. I'm holding my father's warm hand. As I hold his hand I feel the heat slowly fade away. I see that my father is becoming weaker as time goes on.

The burial day
As I look down at my fathers cold dead body I feel lost. When I look at his lifeless corpse I feel tear less, sad, full of rage. I can hear people speak about him, I hear someone say he's in a better place and that made me feel happy. As we walk, I know that I shouldn't look at what's behind but focus on what's in front of me, It's the future that matters.

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Village story book!

I can smell dead bodies rotting away. I can hear the cries and screams
from people around me, I see people running for their  lives
and getting what they can. I feel scared that I could be next.

We are leaving the village. I can hear people crying in pain.
There is a massive smoke cloud covering out village, people
running back thinking there is still a chance but in reality there
is no hope at all. We continue our journey down the dirt road
that leads to another village. The path we are following is hidden.
The way to the path is very difficult to get to.

We arrive at the village. We are created. They gave us food and water.
We tell them what happened and they were out-raged.  We have an idea
that we could prepare for an attack. So we gather materials like wood,
rocks and spears. Once we have the materials we set traps for the troops
on the ground

We waited for them to attack but it never happen. At this new village
I feel happy but sad that I lost friends, Family and pets. I can still hear
the cries of others in my sleep. I think it will be hard to get over what happened that. 

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Public of Private information?

Public of Private information?

What is Matariki!

Matariki is a signal for the Maori New Year. Matariki also known as Te Papa
it is a time of renewal and celebration in New Zealand. Te Papa begins with the
rising of the Matariki star cluster. The cluster of stars are also known as the Pleiades
of the seven sisters. Matariki is mainly a star cluster which appears in the night sky
during mid-winter. According to the Maramataka aka the Maori lunar calendar.

Matariki the cluster of stars the Pleiades of the seven sisters, the name of the stars
themselves are very different. Ururangi, Tupu-a-rangi, Waipuna Rangi, Tupu-a-nuku,
Matariki, Waita and Waiti are the names of the seven stars. Matariki star cluster literally
means the eyes of god mata ariki or little eyes matariki.

Related imageTe papa is celebrated by when the stars rise in the last few days of May.
This symbolizes the coming of the Maori New Year. Some iwi or tribes. They start
celebrations when Matariki is first seen. However it is the first new moon after Matariki
that officially signals the Maori New Year.

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Manaiakalani survey

This afternoon our class took survey which had questions like what school do you go to, what year are you, whats your gender and more. Some questions were where you could answer with multiple times shown down bellow 

The hardest questions that I found hard for me to answer was mainly how does Learn Create Share connect with your culture and I but down a 2.

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On the 1st of May our class went sailing at Okahu Bay for the whole day.

When we arrived at sailing our class got a pep talk from the
instructors who were Steve, Justin and JR. They showed us
how to rig up the Optimist. After they showed us we had to rig our own
boats. Once the boats were set up we got changed into a wet suit and had morning tea.

Once morning tea was finished we launched the boats. After the boats were
launched we sailed around for an hour or two. During sailing I enjoyed the
blue water but the best part was sailing by myself because I had more control.
When we were done we dragged the boats back onto shore and had lunch. After
lunch we sailed for a half and hour or more then we dragged the boats in again to
disassemble them  and get changed. We said bye to our instructors then left.

Many thanks to the Lion Foundation, Rotary, Volvo and Zhik for
sponsoring the day.

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Highly daily data in March 2019

Today we collected all the data for the highest daily temperatures in March and created a line graph in Google sheets.

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Jacinda Ardern

Jacinda Ardern is a helpful, trustworthy person who cares for others and is full of empathy and love. Jacinda is a happy person who tries to do the best she can to make others not to live in fear and try to make them not to feel scared but welcomed.
I got my opinion from these video International Women's Day Speech 2019 and First speech in Wellington Parliament after Christchurch disaster 15/3//19.

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The Plastic-Free Challenge!

A Journal story I read was about the Plastic Free Challenge. The story is about a school that wanted to make a change in their rubbish situation at school. The slide above actually shows Boyan Slat the CEO of Ocean Clean Up who is a great man. He has dedicated himself to getting rid of all the rubbish in the ocean... this is almost 6 times bigger that New Zealand!

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The Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore!

We used Narrative Devices to analyse the movie of the book by William Joyce.

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All About Me!

Hello my name is Te Raiana and I go to Saint Patrick school. I am a Maori  and my Iwi is from the North. I am a very social person and I really like to talk about games.

My favorite subject is mainly science. I like math the most at my school because math to me is simple and sometime just easy. I would kind of say I was good at soccer and great at math too.
My challenge for this year is to make my family proud of me.  My goal for this year is
to practice my writing and spelling.

This year I am looking most forward to the new upcoming games of 2k19. In education I am
excited to improve my writing. I am inspired by family because they give hope and good
thoughts of what I can do.

Thanks for ready my blog profile 2k19.

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Euphrasie Barbier

Euphrasie Barbier was a NZ Roman Catholic nun.
She was born in Caen France in 1829. When she was 13 she
washed other people's clothes as her job. At 17 she opened her
own business which was a laundry out of her home. One day euphrasie
barbier heads Bishop preached about his experiences in  other very poor
countries . She decided to travel around the world help marginalised
people in the poor countries.

Euphrasie  Barbier arrived in NZ in 1872 and formed the Mission Sisters.
Euphrasie passed away 18923 leaving behind many schools she had
opened and communities she had supported.

Euphrasie Barbier was a kind and generous person who was faithful to
God and her community. She confidently taught  both woman and children
who lived in poor countries.
Euphrasie love and kindness sent her all over the world to help
marginalized people.

To be like Euphrasie Barbier could have a more of a humble heart to others.  
I could also be somewhat more respectful to others. I could also be more
faithful to our Lord and Savior.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Room 8

My first four days back at school have been interesting. The learning
this year is not what I'm used to. But we all will get used to our new teacher Mrs. George
and the new learning technique she uses. So I am slightly excited for this year.