Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Going To Kelly Tarlton's

In the holidays my mum, my little sister and I went to Kelly Tarlton’s.  Kelly Tarlton’s is a sea aquarium and it is built under the ground and near the sea.

At Kelly Tarlton’s we saw some old things from a long time ago.  I think they were from the 1930’s.  We saw old beds and old gear.  There was also a music box.  It was already playing when we got there.  We all liked listening to it. 

Next we saw the penguins.  They were swimming and playing together.  One of the penguins was clapping backwards with its flippers.  After that we saw some fish. 

In the first room we saw dolphins and some big fish.  We also saw some stingrays.  Two of the stingrays were in the shape of a stone and the other one was swimming around.  It looked like it was flying. Their tails had been cut off so that they didn’t bang them on the glass.

Then we had a play and a drink. In the other room there were some sharks.  There were some big sharks.  They didn’t eat the fish.  It was cool to see a shark.   There was also a scorpion fish.  It was red and white.  I learnt lots of interesting things at Kelly Tarltons.

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