Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In The Holidays

One day in the holidays I went bike riding with my dad.  We rode to the petrol station together.  When I slowed down I fell off my bike.  I broke my arm again for the second time.  It was the same arm and I broke it in the same place.  This is why I am now wearing a sling to school. 

After I fell off my bike my dad took me to the doctors.  Then my dad had to take me to Starship Hospital.  Starship Hospital is the hospital for children. 

At the hospital the doctors put my arm in a cast.  I had to stay in hospital for a day and a night.  I didn’t get much sleep because there was a girl in my ward that was allergic to bees and she kept crying.  My arm wasn’t that painful and I didn’t cry.  The next night the doctors were happy with the way my arm was healing and so I got to go home. 

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