Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Birthday

In the holidays it was my birthday.  For my birthday I got a special surprise from my dad.  It was a play station.  I played some war games on my new play station.  It was a bit easy and a bit scary.  It was fun though.  In the game the aliens appeared out of nowhere.  I had to kill them and they had stronger guns than me.  The gun was called Red I.  I had to push the L button on the gun to shoot the glowing bullet at the aliens.  If you get close to the aliens you can hit them with your gun.  I was able to do this to the walking aliens.  They reminded me of the Zombies. 

Once you are on Level 3 and you complete it the aliens shoot down a Spier attack.  A Spier looks like a rocket ship but it is a missile.  When the missile hits the ground it lets out alien bugs.  The bugs crawled all over my character and went into his mouth.  My character’s name is Sargent Hales.  In the game he is call Sarg.

My dad said that I got a bit scared but there are even scarier levels.  But I really enjoyed it.  Playing Levels 1 and 2 were the most fun.

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