Thursday, 13 December 2018

Jack Cole

I want out James, not so fast Jack before you leave we can't afford any loose ends
so that's a liability, your a loose end Jack so that makes you a liability. I'm out James,
just know that wants your in this life there is no way out. The past catches up with you
Jack and this time there is no escape, I'll take the risk.
“This is not good, not good at all, said James.
He's just one man you have a small army, said Mark.
Listen Mark, said James in a forceful tone. “Jack Cole is not just one man he's a monster,
the task I gave him was nearly impossible and there he was before our bloody eyes,
said James.
I'll send some men after him, said Mark.
Fine but if they fail you've unleashed the beast, said James.

*5 hours later*
We arrived at his apartment, remember be, silent move in, move in,
"Building apartment explodes", " Car in parking lot takes off". "Present day".
“It looks like a building explosion,” said Michel.
“What did they find in the house”, said Alisha.
“A safe holding guns, bombs almost every deadly weapon sold from the
black market.” she replied. “Who was the building registered to”? asked Alisha.
Ummm it's registered to a John W.
“But he's been dead for over 20 years, said Michel.
“So fake name. I'm telling you Michel it's him,” said Alisha.
“How do you know it's your guy’? said Michel.
“Trust me Michel it is he's been a ghosest for over 5 years you'll never
find him except for a grave. Well whoever it is there long gone!”

(Arrives at friends garage)
“Hey Mike," said Jack.
"Hi kid what do you need," said Mike.
"I need a new car," said Jack.
"Ok the car you stole for me last week I modified it," said Mike.
"How," said Jack.
"Well it's painted gold with bullet proof tires and I special
tag in your name, said Mike
"Wow it's like expecting me, said Jack
"No... not really just that the building blowing up was a big sign that
it was you so yah," said Mike
"Sure thing old man. I'll take it Mike," said Jack.
"Sure thing kid see you around Jack," said Mike. See you around to old
man," said Jack.
"Hey kid remember, It's always the punch you don't see coming that puts
you down," said Mike.
"Sure thing," said Jack.

*17 hours later*
"So Mich how's the wife, good, good," said some dude.
"What are doing out here any way, keeping watch for a gold car.
AHH look out. "Get hit by car". Where is James, On the top floor trying to
leave the city. "Kicks open the door and start killing everyone in sight". I have
finally reached the top. Hello James, said Jack. Hello Cole, said James. Long time no see.

Hey Jack listen…. listen, it's just business, said James.
Sure James, sure james. "Well I guess this is where you end and I we’ll live on,
said Jack Cole.
I've had enough of your stupid gold car, said James.
"James is shot dead in the face and Jack well lets just say that you'll be seeing
him again.

The end

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