Tuesday, 4 December 2018


In a earthquake your injuries could might be bruises, cuts, concussion,
head injury, loss of memory or permanent loss of all memory
from being struck by a falling object or by suffocating and
passing out from the lack of air which can cause brain cells to die.

If you are cut the fastest way to seal it, is by sowing the
open cut of skin to stop the bleeding or wash of the blood and
put a plaster on. But if you are stuck in the situation where there is
no first aid kit around wrap your T-shirt around the open wound. If a
person is unconscious, check they are breathing and if not you will need
to give them CPR or mouth to mouth resuscitation and try to wait until
emergency services arrive.

But if I would be in the situation with a open wound I would use my shirt to
wrap around my arm and call out for emergency services. But if I am
unconscious I would rather prefer have CPR done to me.

If you are stuck in any natural disaster I would advise
for you to get help immediately after the disaster has
struck or get to safe position where you are safe from
harm and away from any possible flying objects.
But stay safe and out of danger.

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  1. Te Raiana ,
    I really like how you use paragraphs ,
    Your writing was very interesting ,

    Good job