Friday, 16 February 2018

Having a fun bike ride!

During the Christmas holidays, my Nan and I biked down to Mission Bay and when we got down there we biked around some more. When we were riding around we saw some interesting cars like a Nissan GTR R35 and you don't find those everywhere, it also sounded cool.

After that we biked around some more, I also got to play at the park and in the sand. We saw a Pizza shop so we decided to buy some Pizza plus a Coke. When they were done making the Pizza we took it a nice sitting area on the grass and we ate the Pizza there. It was disgusting so we threw it away.

Once we were finished putting the rubbish Pizza in the bin I finished my Coke and we made our way back to the Pizza place to get our money back.

After that we went home. On the way there we  saw even more interesting cars and they also sounded cool. I got tired going home because I had to bike up a hill. But it was a fun day except for eating that rubish Pizza.


  1. Kia Ora Te Raiana, My name is Ruby I am from Totara 2 in Grey Main School
    This is a good piece of writing and it tells you everything about your bike ride. Maybe next time you could add more punctuation in your paragraphs and add some photos. But overall this is a really good blog post.
    Kai Pai

  2. Kia Ora Te Raiana, My name is Katelynn and I from Grey Main school, Totara.

    This is a great way to present your work!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful day with your NAN!

    Totara 2 Grey Main School