Friday, 9 February 2018

At the Pools

The Pools

On Thursday my Nan and I went to the pools for the day and when we entered the building there was a short line but as soon as we got to the counter my Nan bought me a diving board pass and a slide pass as well.

After we had paid, we got what we needed and we walked to the outdoor pool and as soon as we opened the gate I straight away jumped into the pool and the water was nice and cold.

After I had jumped in I climbed out and ran to the the hydra slide and I  had to show the lifeguard my wristband but after that I ran up even though your not allowed to do that I did it anyway but when I got to the top I had to wait for the line which was only 3 people but when it was my turn I went down the slide and it was awesome.

On the slide I was on there for about 26 minutes but then I decided to hop off but 10 or 20 minutes the slide closed and the diving board so then I was board but not so long after my friend PG showed up and we played until it was time for me and him to go but it was fun playing with him but then we had a talk well getting changed then we left and did our secret hand shake.  

I am learning to add detail to my main ideas to inform my readers. 

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