Friday, 28 September 2018

Safe play!

How do you play safe?

The way to play safe on the playground is to keep clear of other children and if you are climbing
try to avoid other children in case you fall. We can keep safe by not pushing others
off the park because it could lead to someone crying or landing on someone else.
When we are playing we should watch out for
other people especially when running around corners.
We can also not play with dangerous objects on the park or any where.
We should not chuck a object because you might hurt someone or worse blind them.

We can prevent all of this by thinking before pushing someone and laughing about
it because you wouldn't like it if somebody did it to you. We can also prevent
others from colliding by checking around the corners first before just going
around and someone runs into you.

We could also make sure we use appropriate words on the park. Don't call
someone a sore loser because they might rage and not like it at all. We should
include others in the games we play so they don't go off and play a game that's not
safe and hurt someone.

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  1. Nice work Te Raiana, Now I know how I could play safely in school