Tuesday, 4 July 2017

I never knew a pair of shoes could cost so much!

We are using De Bono’s six thinking hats to help us develop our critical thinking skills.

What suggestions and ideas do we have?
What are the key facts?
Don’t make it so expensive.
Change the name.

The most expensive trainers.
They’re blue.
Cost 2.7 million dollars.
The shoes are called fire monkey.
They were designed by Bicion and Mache Customs.

What are the good things about it?
How do we feel about it?
They’re strong.
They’re shiny.
It has a solid gold tag.
They’re covered by pieces of diamond and sapphires.
I felt amazed because I didn’t know shoes could cost this much.

What things will we need to think about?
What problems might we have?
Does it really need to cost that much?
It will get dirty like any normal pair of shoes.
It might be a bit heavy because it has a gold tag.

 Learning Intention: We are using De Bono six thinking to help us develop our critical thinking skills.

Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I answer De Bono six thinking hat questions about the article 'The most expensive runners'.

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