Monday, 10 April 2017

How did you spend your weekend?

On Saturday,  I got up and had breakfast. After breakfast I went into the living room and turned on Drake and Josh. When it the show had finished, I got my Phone and played my games.

The game I was playing was Block city wars and it is a fun game because you can make friends in there.

The next game I played was Roblox, roblox is a game with
one million other games inside of it,  you can also make friends while playing it. The games I play in Roblox were Grand blox auto, Box yourself and tycoon and my Roblox name is Ryansterhacker.

Then I went to my room and played on my playstation 3. The game I was playing was watch dogs 2. Watch dogs 2 is a multiplayer game but you can also play on single player and the game was made in san francisco.

Then my dad told me that we were going to the park. It felt like forever before we got there. As soon as we got out of the car I ran to the flying fox. The park was a bit wet because it was rained earlier on.

I went on the flying fox six times then I hopped off. But I decided to go  back for three more turns before we went home.

The next day which was Sunday, I did exactly what I did on Saturday morning playing games. After that I got my skateboard and raced my Dad up and down the street.
When we came back to the house, we went straight to the backyard and played throw and kick for three hours and we had so much fun.

Then we went inside and I played on my phone for the rest of the day

Image result for weekend photosMy favourite part of the weekend is when played throw and kick because it was so much fun and I we can do it again.

Learning Intention: we are learning to follow the structure of a recount.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write the orientation, events and a conclusion about my weekend.

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