Monday, 13 March 2017

Skateboarding is fun!

On Monday we had P.E. and our P.E. was skateboarding. After we had put on all the gear in the bottom court, our first lesson began.

Our coaches names where Aiden and Mr Boot. First Aiden showed us how to put protective gear on.

 First we put on the knee pads and it only took us 2 minutes. Then we we put on the elbow pads. After that, we put on the helmets, Lastly  we put on our wristbands.

When we had finished we ail got a skateboard each. Then he showed us how to push forward on our skateboards with one foot on and one foot off.
 When I was pushing the skateboard, I found it hard but then it became easier the more I practised. He also showed us how to push off and then stand on the skateboard.
 He showed us how to stand on it properly by positioning also he showed us how to petition your front foot in the middle when we put our back foot on.
 After he showed us what to do, we tried it and I was really good. I found it really easy to do.
He let us do it 5 times. In one of those times, someone fell off their skateboard. After we’ve had 5 turns, it was the end of the lesson. So we said goodbye to Aiden and Mr.Boot.

My favourite part of the story lesson was when we had to put our feet on the skateboard because it was easy and quick to do.

Learning Intention: we are learning to follow the structure of a recount.
Success Criteria: I know I can do this when I write the orientation, events and a conclusion of our skateboarding
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