Tuesday, 28 June 2016

How to play Rippa Rugby

L.I.-W.A.L.T.- to write an instruction in order. 
Success Criteria: I can do this when I write an instruction in order and using action words at the beginning of the sentence on how to play Rippa Rugby.

1.Warm ups- star jumps, and jogging.

2. Grab a belt and tie it around our waist. 

3.Stick a coloured strap on the belt.

4.Start to run to a person and take off their strap.

5.Stop when the referee blows his whistle.

6.Get in two lines and the coach will pick a person to be in the middle.

7.Then coach will say people with black sandals run.

8.Join the person in the person in the middle if you get tagged.

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9.Return the strap and the belt.

10.Go and say thank you to the coach when the game is over.

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  1. Ki ora Teraiana,
    I like how you have described playing rippa rugby. I also like to play rippa rugby.