Wednesday, 29 July 2020

A Brothers love

He wakes up with a smile. Getting out of bed he hears birds chirping and people speaking. Looking out the window he sees a bright blue sky and a shining sun covering the street and rooftops. He quietly rushes to his sisters room to see if she is awake. To his surprise she is. He asks if she would want to play at the park. She replied with an "of course." They woke their parents, ate breakfast and prepared for a fun day out. Finishing packing they exited through the front door and felt the fresh air and the golden warm sunlight hit their face.

They begin to stroll to the park passing houses, cars and people on their way. But then they pass a particular house. They notice that the fence has been broken. They both started feeling uneasy. As they stroll away a dog breaks through the already wrecked fence and begins rushing towards the brother and sister, then everything goes black.

He awakes to see his little sister in shock. He feels a wet substance run down the side of his face. Then he feels himself being lifted into the back of an ambulance. As the medics close the back doors he sees his sister crying while his parents stand, then it went dark. What he didn't know was that his parents friends had phoned them as they had seen what happened. 

As the doctors and nurses place him onto a hospital bed he suddenly wakes. They get such a shock they nearly drop him. The doctors and nurses give him painkillers and anesthesia. As intended, he falls asleep. Outside in the waiting room his parents are there, with worried expressions on their faces and their crying daughter next to them. They couldn't let go of what  had happened to their son.

The doctors begin to do surgery and as fast as it  begins it suddenly ends. The doctors breathe a sigh of relief. The parents, still worried about their child, are surprised at the condition of his face. Their child was still fast asleep as they signed hospital forms and papers. The family that owned the dog are very sorry and apologetic. 

A few days have passed since the attack. But at the end of it he never blamed his sister for what happened as he said "If someone was gonna die that day it was going to be me".

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