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My dairy from treasure book

Father is sick
It's damp in the moldy shed. I'm holding my father's warm hand. As I hold his hand I feel the heat slowly fade away. I see that my father is becoming weaker as time goes on.

The burial day
As I look down at my fathers cold dead body I feel lost. When I look at his lifeless corpse I feel tear less, sad, full of rage. I can hear people speak about him, I hear someone say he's in a better place and that made me feel happy. As we walk, I know that I shouldn't look at what's behind but focus on what's in front of me, It's the future that matters.

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Friday, 23 August 2019

Village story book!

I can smell dead bodies rotting away. I can hear the cries and screams
from people around me, I see people running for their  lives
and getting what they can. I feel scared that I could be next.

We are leaving the village. I can hear people crying in pain.
There is a massive smoke cloud covering out village, people
running back thinking there is still a chance but in reality there
is no hope at all. We continue our journey down the dirt road
that leads to another village. The path we are following is hidden.
The way to the path is very difficult to get to.

We arrive at the village. We are created. They gave us food and water.
We tell them what happened and they were out-raged.  We have an idea
that we could prepare for an attack. So we gather materials like wood,
rocks and spears. Once we have the materials we set traps for the troops
on the ground

We waited for them to attack but it never happen. At this new village
I feel happy but sad that I lost friends, Family and pets. I can still hear
the cries of others in my sleep. I think it will be hard to get over what happened that. 

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