Friday, 31 January 2020

Beginning of the year picture!

Taken on 31-1-2020, I feel like it's gonna be a decent year...
People in the picture
Top row: Kyle, Te Raiana, Veronica, Roneeza, George, Jeremiah, Augustine, Moonia...
Bottom row: Asinate, Harley, Giselle, Paul, Summer, Matheus, Aleenah, Chadwick...

Absent: Kena, Christian...


  1. Hey Te Raiana,

    Good Blog Post, room 8 seems very small! I hope I can see yous sometime !


  2. Hello Te,
    Its me Harley my first week back was so cool two. I like your blog post and explaination about who people are but maybe you could add some more info or explain what happend in your first week.

  3. Hey Te Riana,
    I am George and i'm sure you already know me, this photo really reminds me of last year when the other students use to be in our sight/view, I hope this year will be best you've ever had.
    -God Bless